NDC Man Busted With Cocaine In London?

An organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in one of the Ayawaso constituencies in Accra is said to have been arrested in London, the United Kingdom (UK), for allegedly dealing in narcotic drugs.

The man whose picture, names and other details we are withholding for now is said to have had his plan of landing at the busy British Airport of Heathrow with his powdery and whitish cargo; but he is in the grips of the British police.

DAILY GUIDE has gathered that the whitish substance has already tested positive for cocaine, the reason for which he is being held prior to his appearance before a crown court for the necessary action.

Members of his devastated family learnt about the arrest soon after it occurred last week. Neighbours picked up the story and soon it spread across Nima and Mamobi, suburbs of Accra, causing panic among some of his friends who are said to be involved in the illegal business.

The suspect is said to have embarked on a Britain-bound airline last week – a trip which as fate would have it has turned heartbreaking.

He reportedly tied all the loose ends of his arrangements and stretched his connections fully for leaving the Kotoka International Airport unnoticed. He could only leave unscathed but not so, however, at Heathrow Airport where eagle-eyed security personnel, especially anti-narcotic agents, leave no stone unturned in their work, especially when flights from countries with notorious drug records touchdown. Another source said the British security trailed him to his hotel where he was arrested with his gang.

His pictures have begun making the rounds on the social media, prompting gossip about whether he had been in the business for long and why he must be arrested this time.

Another question being posed is why the security radar at Kotoka did not expose him but the British did.

His family members are tight-lipped, giving momentum to muffled gossips about whatever went wrong.