Expired Fan Milk Products Sold In Ghana

Discreet investigations has revealed some products of Fan Milk Ghana Ltd., on the market have expired their consumption period. These products, our checks revealed include Tampico and Fan Ice. The Ghanaian Journal newspaper learnt that the situation is causing much anxiety among the consuming general public who fear that it can have adverse effects on their health, especially children who, search have shown, are majority consumers of the products. The paper gathered that most children have started complaining to their parents and friends about the change in taste of their favourite Tampico and Fan Ice products. The Ghanaian Journal story was confirmed by three vendors of Fan Milk Ghana products who agreed to speak to the paper on strict condition of anonymity, and attested to the fact that they have recently been receiving complaints from a section of the general public about the funny tastes of their favourites Tampico and Fan Ice. The paper's investigations further revealed that some Tema residents have within the last months being complaining bitterly to vendors of Fan Milk Ghana products about the funny and distasteful nature of the two Fan Milk products. Most of the areas hit areas hit by the expired products are Communities 2, 3, 4 and 5. Some residents of these Communities who spoke to The Ghanaian Journal disclosed that so far about ten people have complained of various forms of illness after eating the two products. However, Mrs Angela Nelson, the Manager of Quality Assurance Fan Milk Ghana Ltd., in a reaction blamed the problem on the company's agents describing them as neglectful in their handlings. She explained that some of the retailers of the products just buy and keep them for longer periods before selling them to the consuming public, adding that, that is what brings about such developments. “We organize training workshops for these agents regarding the handlings of products especially products which have expired. Again, we have issued directives to agents on expired products that any such product should be brought forward to us for them to be replaced,” Mrs Nelson asserted. For his part, the Brands Manager of Fan Milk Ghana Ltd., Mr Dzidzor Gbologa, stressed that the company replaces expired products brought by their agents, stressing that that has been the normal practice adopted by the company. This, he maintained, is to ensure that healthy products are made available to the general public who the company cherishes so much. “We have trained monitoring personnel who are at vantage sale points and ready to ensure that our products sold to the public are wholesome for consumption,” stated Mr Gbologa. He said given the level of expertise of personnel at the Quality Assurance Department, it will be very strange and difficult to have expired products leave the shores of the company. Mr Ben Lajikpo, a Pharmacist, described the discovery of expired products of Fan Milk Ghana Ltd., as precarious and called on the Food and Drugs Board to take the matter up and get to the bottom of it. According to him, the problem might not emanate from the company but in such instances they would have to take full responsibility. The pharmacist therefore advised Fan Milk Ghana Limited to strengthen its monitoring systems to curtail any such incidence from recurring.