Treat Him Like A King; Spice Up Your Marriage

The beginning of every relationship is fun, exciting and beautiful. You can’t wait to see or hear from him. Whenever he calls, u get all excited and warm. Then with time the feeling dissipates. You are just happy to see him and that’s it. Familiarity sets in and it’s no longer stars and rainbows.

As the months go by, you just go along for the ride. You are just comfortable being with him because you are so used to him. And when he pops the question, you say yes because it’s the right thing to do; and you can finally fulfill your dream of being in a white long dress led down the aisle with all eyes on you and being the envy of the single young girls present.

And after the ceremony and the honeymoon, everything gets back to normal. He becomes just a house or roommate. And you go through life together mechanically. Soon you both get bored of each other and you try to find excitement elsewhere; in your friends, work etc.

Well it’s never too late to put some excitement back in your marriage. It’s time for you to spice it up.

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured.

Here are some Tips:

1. Love Notes: - Women are not the only ones who like to read love notes and poems. Men also like that. Leave some poems and love notes in places he can find. You can put some in his suit, trousers, jacket or briefcase before he goes to work. Write to him how much you love and adore him. Give him some flashbacks of some of the wonderful times you’ve had together. You can also write some nice poems, either your own composition or someone else’s which you think best describes him or your feelings for him.

2. Appreciate Him: - Many women fail to appreciate their husbands for taking care of their responsibilities and being good husbands. They forget that not all men are responsible and kind or even faithful. Learn to say thank you when he helps out with the kids, leaves money for the home or fixes something in the house. Buy him little gifts to show your appreciation for who he is and what he means to you. Don’t take anything he does for granted. Some women even fail to say thank you when their husbands compliment them on their dressing or when they give them gifts they may have thoughtfully purchased for them.

3. Compliment Him: - If you fail to compliment him on how he looks before he steps out, there are many women out there who will and that could cause some problems for you. Check out his outfit, his hair and his whole outlook and give a gentle critique if it’s not good. If it is, let him know that too. Take time to notice when he has something new on and let him know how it looks on him. You can also get him things to match his favorite outfits. Sometimes u can choose his entire outfits that you believe he’ll like, both the clothes and shoes. Iron the clothes, shine the shoes and lay out neatly for him.

4. Pamper Him: - Men like to be pampered as much as women do. When he puts his head on your lap or shoulders don’t push him away. Sometimes when the two of you are watching TV together, take his feet and massage them or cut his nails for him. You can also give him a pedicure yourself. Prepare warm water, add some scented soap and put his feet in it. After a while, rinse them with warm water and then rub them with some gentle oil. Give him a good body massage at least once a week. Cook special meals for him from time to time. And sometimes you can also take him out for a treat or plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. Surprise him in the most romantic ways possible.

5. Show Interest in His business: - If you get home before him, make sure you look out for him. Meet him at the gate, give him a warm welcome, a peck and a hug and take his briefcase or jacket. Prepare a warm bath for him, serve him his dinner then after all that ask him genuinely about his day in the office. Pay attention to him as he unburdens himself and show interest by putting in one or few comments and questions where necessary. If he needs your opinion about something concerning his business, make sure what comes out of your mouth is objective and intelligent. Share ideas with him. And in the course of his day at work, check on him either through a text or a call, but don't make it seem like you are stalking him. Lest I forget, occasionally you can surprise him with lunch at the workplace.

6. Spice up Your Sex Life: - Do not be complacent about your looks. Men are attracted to physical beauty as well as inner beauty. They appreciate a woman who takes care of herself. Dress to attract your husband. At night, after your bath smell good and look good. Buy sexy provocative lingerie’s and wear them to bed. Sometimes you can sleep naked. Try role plays when you are making love and don’t forget foreplay. Don’t rush your man. Touch him in places he never knew could excite him. Whisper sweet nothings into his ear, take charge and carefully and passionately make love to him like there is no tomorrow. Make sure he is very satisfied.

Do not be too rigid or overly spiritual. Be flexible and if your husband buys you a gift of lingerie or underwear, do not reject it in the name of spirituality. Remember God created sex for married couples, so there’s no better place to enjoy sex than in marriage.

Well Ladies, these are but only a few of the things you can try to bring some excitement into your marriage. If a man gets even a little bit of that, he will worship the very ground you walk on. Sex is not the only thing men appreciate in women. So get the dullness out of your marriage and enjoy.