Gospel Preachers Cautioned

Pokuase District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost in the Greater Accra region, Pastor J.K. Afram, has thrown a word caution to various gospel preachers in the country to immediately stop the habit of preaching for monetary and material gains.

According to the man of God, many gospel preachers in recent times due to financial and material gains have now buried the truth in the Holy Bible and rather preach messages they think the rich people in their churches would like to hear.

Pastor Afram admonished such preachers to desist from the practice and remember the Lord God will judge them if they continued to drag souls of their congregation into sin through their deceitful gospel messages.

Pastor Afram sounded this warning while addressing the congregation at the church’s long Christmas and New Year Convention at Pokuase.

Earlier, Head Pastor of the Achimota branch of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Joseph Asabil, charged various gospel preachers in the country to use their platforms to bring Christians closer to Jesus Christ as the only solution to solve their problems.

According to him, the only person who can make discomfort and challenges in people’s life to disappear is Jesus Christ whom the man of God stressed was addressed in scriptures as the “Light of the World.”

“Where ever Jesus passes there is light and darkness could not apprehend it.

“…As servants of the most high God we owe it all to the congregation we shepherd to lead them to the greatest light that is in Christ Jesus,” Apostle Asabil said.

A good steward, he said, is the one who leads his folks to the right path without letting them go through any kind of struggle.

Consequently, he added that they will surely go through all manner of persecution just as Jesus’ ministry was never accepted by his people just because he came from a poor family.

He also urged the congregation never to give up on telling the truth that Jesus in the only way to salvation.

By doing this the man of God said, it will go a long way to set them from any kind of crises the people might be going through as a nation.

The birth of Jesus, according to Apostle Asabil, was the reason to overcome all kinds of darkness and difficulties in man’s life.

He quoted John Chapter 8:12 to support his message and urged Christians to be submissive and obedient to the word of God and be set free from any kind of bondage of disappointment, sickness, and failures among other ills.

For his part Member of Parliament (MP) for Trobu Constituency, Hon. Moses Anim, who arrived after several hours of tour of churches in his constituency, urged the nation to listen to the voice of God for development.

He called on Ghanaians and government officials to make time to listen and see the light to lead them to formulate the right policies for the country.

The Achimota branch of Pentecost Church is made up of 19 assemblies and worshiping centres

The convention was attended by head all pastors and members of the church of Pentecost in the Achimota area and Pokuase District.