Samia Does Not Accept Me As Her Brother – Dr. Onzy Nkrumah

Son of Ghana's first president, Dr Onzy Nathan Nkrumah has said that his sister, Samia Nkrumah does not regard him as her brother after several interventions by the family to resolve any issue.

According to him, the CPP presidential aspirant hopeful keeps on painting a fiction to the media that he had proposed to her sometime back.

“Samia does not want to accept that I'm her brother but that is the truth. The family knows everything so I won’t quarrel with her over such nonsense,” he told Adom FM friday morning.

Samia Nkrumah has accused Onzy Nkrumah, the man claiming to be her sibling of proposing marriage to her years ago.

“How can someone claiming to be my brother propose love to me some years ago?” she's reported to have quizzed.

He told Adom FM, “I met her one time with her husband so how can I propose to someone who is married?

“We have already settled this issue so I’m surprised she said that I have proposed love to her. How can I propose to my sister? He asked repeatedly.