Youth call for pragmatic National Youth Policy

The youth have called for the adoption and implementation of a “pragmatic” national youth policy, including the National Youth Parliament, to nurture the youth in political tolerance. They also called on the government to enforce political tolerance, democratic rules and ideologies in the curriculum of schools to promote the democratic culture of the people. This was contained in a communiqué issued by the various Youth Parliaments that met at Parliament House on Tuesday to commemorate the International Day of Democracy. The communiqué signed by Prince Agyenim Boateng, Speaker of the University of Ghana Parliament, said: “We call on all stakeholders of our body politic, that is, government, civil society, media, the citizenry and the youth to uphold the virtues of our democracy and exhibit a high sense of political tolerance at all levels.” The participants affirmed the commitment of the youth to “demonstrate tolerance in dealing with the artificial divisions, affiliations and denominations”. The youth reaffirmed their commitment to the promotion of Ghana’s infant democracy through the rule of law, dialogue and respect for each other’s views. They urged student leaders to exhibit a high sense of tolerance and urged the government to strengthen established state institutions such as the National Commission for Civic Education, the National Peace Council, and the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice to act in the interest of the nation. The youth advocated mass education at all levels of academic, religious, traditional and all other human endeavour to infuse the spirit of political tolerance among Ghanaians, irrespective of ethnic differences and political affiliations. The communiqué also called on young people to resist all attempts by political leaders to use them as agents of terror and violence.