Messi, Ronaldo can smell defenders' fear - Jerome Boateng

The Germany international was left flat on his back by La Pulga in one of 2015's most memorable goals, and believes the pair can sense weakness in opponents.

Bayern Munich centre-back Jerome Boateng believes Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can smell a defender's fear in one-on-ones.

Real Madrid star Ronaldo and Messi have scored 63 goals between them for their clubs this season, with the latter's combination with Luis Suarez and Neymar at Barcelona drawing praise.

Boateng gave an insight into what it was like coming up against the world's best and how they capitalised on scared defenders.

"With Ronaldo or Messi, whatever option you choose is difficult if they come at you with open space. They're just so fast," he wrote for The Players' Tribune.

"Neymar and Messi are low to the ground and can turn quickly, so it's difficult for defenders like me, who are tall centre-backs.