NDC Foot Soldiers In N/R Besiege Ceremony

A multitude of National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) foot soldiers took over every space at the ceremony at which the outgoing Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Mohammed Limuna, handed over to the incoming Minister, Mr Abdulai Abubakar, at the Northern Regional Residency Wednesday.

The crowd, clad mostly in NDC party colours, took over every available space at the ceremony, thereby denying the invitees seats.

Compete for space

The media had to compete with the brigade of foot soldiers who were using various phones and photography devices to capture the events.

Some of the foot soldiers who were bussed from the newly sworn in minister’s constituency, Welewele, brought in drums and displayed their musical prowess at the event.

The programme was inadvertently turned into a funfair and merry-making, where people danced to various indigenous songs.

Some of the enthusiastic food soldiers, in an interview with the Daily Graphic, said they were at the ceremony to show their love to the newly appointed minister.

According to them, their presence at the handover ceremony was to thank President John Dramani Mahama for the appointment.

One of them, Ibrahim Saliu, said “we are not here to collect money from the minister but to show him how happy we are to receive him”.

Another foot soldier, Latif Sulemana, expressed optimism that Mr Abubakar’s appointment would inure to the benefit of the party in the region.

Activities of foot soldiers

However, some public officials who spoke with the Daily Graphic at the venue expressed worry about the
activities of foot soldiers in the region.

According to them, the practice where foot soldiers besieged official programmes in the region should be discouraged to ensure tranquil atmosphere at public events.


In his remarks, the Northern Regional Chairman of NDC, Chief Sofo Azooka, described the civil servants in the region as “Ninjas” and therefore warned the new Northern Regional Minister to be wary of them.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word “Ninja”refers to a Japanese, especially in the past, who moves and acts without being seen and usually carries a short sword”.

Chief Azoka, who was cheered by the assembly of foot soldiers, also advised the minister to be up and doing in order for the party to win massively in this year’s general election in the region.

“Master, when we call you and you say you are sleeping, we will fire you!” he warned.

Hottest region

The outgoing Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Mohammed Muniru Limuna, who described the region as one of the hottest in the country, said, “if you are able to sit on this seat for a year, you can rule Ghana”.

He, however, advised the incoming regional minister to develop a good relationship with the people to enable him to succeed.

Alhaji Limuna expressed his gratitude to the people in the region, particularly the Northern Regional Security Council (RESEC), the chiefs, media, party members, NGOs and the civil servants for their cooperation and support during his tenure as regional minister.


Mr Abubakar, in his address, pledged to continue to resolve the numerous conflicts in the region in order to make it “one of the most peaceful regions in the country”.

He also called on the people, especially the youth, to cooperate with him in finding solutions to the incessant conflicts in the region.

According to him, the only people who could help to resolve the conflicts in the region were the youth.

Mr Abubakar also thanked the people in the region for the overwhelming welcome they gave him during his takeover from Alhaji Limuna.