Error-ridden Indece Brochure Mustn't Be Trivialized . . . Heads Must Roll - NDC MP

Nii Amasah Namoale, Member of Parliament for La Dadekotopon has expressed disappointment in the Planning Committee of the 59th Independence Anniversary.

The outspoken NDC MP wants erring officials given the boot after the official anniversary brochure was riddled with wrong spellings toppled with the error that made the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Ghana.

He considers it a huge faux pas. 

The event brochure that was used by dignitaries at the Independence Anniversary on Sunday, 6th March was awash with typographical and grammatical errors.

The MP wonders how such an error could have been allowed to take place on the blind side of Communications Department of the Planning Committee and mar an otherwise colorful event and important occasion.

Speaking on Kokrokoo on Peace FM, Hon. Namoale held that the mistakes should not be trivialized because it is a disgrace to the country and the government.

According to him, heads should have rolled by now for such an avoidable act by those in charge.

He opined that the authorities should have employed the services of an English scholar to correct every grammatical error and proofread the brochure before using it for the anniversary.

He stated emphatically that the person(s) responsible for the blunders should be punished for putting the entire nation to ridicule.

Is there a punishment for someone? Any sanction for somebody? If we overlook those things, we won’t make progress. We must sack someone for poor work so that the person who takes over will make sure he or she does his or her work well. Without small [small] punishment, we won’t make progress," he insisted.