‘Berekum Nima Boys’ Threaten To Beat Minister

A group calling itself ‘Berekum Nima boys’ of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are threatening to beat Brong Ahafo Regional Minister Eric Opoku to pulp.

Their action, according to leader of the group, Alhaji Nurudeem Osman is due to what he described as “total neglect” of the party footsoldiers by the Regional Minister.

In an interview on Adom FM Tuesday, the livid ringleader said, after fighting and defending the NDC with their lives, Hon. Eric Opoku has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all their concerns.

“We the footsoliders in Berekum feel cheated, underdeveloped, underrated and taken for granted for far too long by the Eric Opoku after fighting for the NDC in the region”.

Alhaji Osman alleged that, the Regional Minister who is also Member of Parliament (MP) for the Asunafo South only grants audience to people from his hometown and constituency at the expense of the people he worked assiduously to bring NDC to power.

“He [Eric Opoku] only allows people from Sankore or Kukuom to his office but we from Berekum and other places who fought for NDC to come to power are neglected" he said.

The Nima boy as he called himself said the group will storm the Regional Minister’s office in Sunyani on Wednesday March 9 to subject him to massive beatings to serve as a deterrent to others.

“We are going to Sunyani tomorrow to beat him; Eric Opoku knows what we can do so he should put together both military and police to protect him.  We will only back down on our operation when our needs are met” he fumed.

Alhaji Osman revealed that their decision has the backing of NDC executives in Berekum who are suffering in silence due to Eric Opoku’s neglect.

He called on the national leadership of the NDC to ensure that Hon. Eric Opoku gives them their share of the national cake.

Failure to do that, the group which claimed it played key roles in all NDC election victory will boycott the November 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.