Angry NDC Members Refuse To Work Over Yamoah Ponko’s Re-nomination

Supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ejisu-Juaben Constituency have turned down pleas to be polling agents in the upcoming pilot voters registration.

Their action is to demonstrate their anger over the re-nomination of ex Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkor for the same position.

According to the Constituency Secretary, George Huzey, ever since Yamoah Ponkoh’s name came up, it has become very difficult for the livid party supporters to conduct business on behalf of the party, adding that a large section of the inhabitants are also against his candidature.

President John Dramani Mahama has re-nominated former Municipal Chief Executive Officer for Ejisu-Juaben, Mr Kwaku Afrifa Yamoah Ponkor, for the same position after he was voted against by the assembly at the last election.

Despite being unsuccessful in his first attempt, Yamoah Ponkor, per the Local Government Act, has two more opportunities to seek the mandate of the assembly to become the CEO of the Municipal.

The date for the election is yet to be fixed by the regional minister, Mr John Alexander Ackon, but sources say it could be held before the end of this month.

Ponkoh said he was relying heavily on government appointees in the assembly and members who were absent at the last elections to win the seat.

His re-nomination by the president is in accordance with article 243(1) of the 1992 constitution and section 20(1) of the Local Government Act, Act 462.

But speaking to Kasapa News, the Ejisu-Juabeng NDC Scribe George Huzey stated that per the feeling on the ground among the town folks it would be difficult for the embattled Yamoah Ponkoh to be voted into power.

“ It has been very difficult for me as a Secretary to put together a team of polling agents for the party. One guy I called threatened to curse me if I dared call his number again simply because of Yamoah Ponkoh. Whoever we call say they will not do the work, no matter the amount we give them. The President has chosen him, but the power lies with the assembly members. Government appointees are 21, and they cannot vote him into office, unless some of the 48 elected members vote for him to enable him get two thirds. These people were also voted by the residents who also are against his candidature”.

George Huzey, added that Yamoah Ponkoh has a frosty relationship with the NDC constituency executives, a situation which if not checked will have a negative impact on the party’s fortunes during the elections.

“There is a saying that actions speaks louder than words, if things were okay, he would have called us to find out how we could strategize to ensure his election. But two days after his nomination he’s yet to call any of us. He just doesn’t care about us, we don’t even know where he is now. We don’t have any influence on the elected members of the assembly so we can’t guarantee him victory; if he’s elected we’ll work with him”.