G Power Smartphone Unveiled In Ghana

Huawei Technologies Ghana, over the weekend dazzled the tech industry with one of its newest smartphones.

The global technology giant introduced the mid-range Huawei G Power, designed to serve the needs of young Ghanaians, at an event held at the Kempinski hotel.

The Huawei G Power can multitask using even the most power-hungry apps running for two full days without running out of power.

It comes with a unique smart power-saving technology using eight separate power-optimization approaches that enables the G Power smartphone to work in idle mode for 24 hours with only 10% battery charge remaining. In an era of unreliable batteries, smartphone users in Ghana are desirous of owning a device which will aid them do more for longer periods. 

Country Manager for Device Business at Huawei Technologies Ghana Mr. Robin Sun said, “With the Huawei G Power, you have a long-lasting battery life to help achieve your goals”. “At Huawei, we are redefining ‘smart’ to the world and bringing convenience too,” he added.

The G power is a smartphone which promises hi-tech power conservation with an unrivalled long-lasting battery performance which can last without charging for up to two days of heavy usage and more than three days for light usage.

An exciting feature on the Huawei G Power is its reverse charging feature. The G Power is able to act as a charger for other smartphone devices, providing users with several hours of data use and talk time. Most certainly, this device is reliable for the long haul.

In addition, the Huawei G Power give the consumer optimum smartphone features including a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front camera that gives users crystal clear pictures and ‘selfies’.

It also comes with a voice control shooting, where users can instruct the camera take pictures with their voice. The Huawei G Power also comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, giving consumers superb speed and performance which ensures it will not slow down even whilst multitasking or running several applications simultaneously.

The Huawei G Power is available at all dealer shops nationwide available in black, white and gold.