Bui Dam Under Threat

Information gathered by Classic news indicates that thousands of Oncho flies have invaded the Bui area harassing and tormenting workers. According to our sources the activities of the insects is seriously disturbing the peace of the workers who are complaining bitterly with some threatening to vacate their post if nothing is done about the situation. A worker of Pioneer Missionaries an NGO based in the district, Mr. Charles Tuff our in an interview with Classic morning show host, Alhaji Tanko explained how residents in the Tain area are suffering in the hands of the unmerciful Oncho flies. Mr. Charles Tuffour made it clear that if nothing is done about the flies, then things are going to fall apart in the Bui area of the Tain district in the Brong Ahafo Region. He said since the exercise embarked upon by the Zoomlion during the Kuffour’s administration to bring the situation under control nothing has been done so far this year making the flies who have now multiplied in thousands making life there unbearable. Mr. Tufour noted that previous administration launched anti Oncho flies programme aimed at eradicating the insects that causes river blindness in the area but wonder why this government should not sustain it since all the workers and machines for exercise are still there. He continued that the workers who were engaged in the exercise during the Oncho spraying are now walking and parading their various localities idly while their spraying machines have been parked. Mr. Tufour sorrowfully narrated how a one and half year old child is currently suffering from the bites she incurred when an army of Oncho flies attacked the baby mercilessly rendering the child almost blind. Mr. Charles Tuffour said the time has come for the authorities to be up and doing since the insects are wild during the rainy season and eight communities in the area are going through some difficulties. Most workers who spoke to Classic news have made it clear that if nothing is done to save the poor workers of the area most of them would vacate their post to save their dear lives since most workers complained they have no protective gadgets to save themselves from the dreadful insects when they attack.