Christians Cautioned Against ‘Cash And Carry’ Pastors

The founder and president of the Worldwide Believers Prayers Movement (WOBPRAM), Evangelist Samuel Vidzro (Kaboo) has cautioned Christians against the purchase of anointing water and payment of consultation fees before meeting a man of God.

According to him such things are unbiblical and immoral in the sight of God and follows no logic.

"God never took anything from us in giving us his grace and blessing and power so why do we charge his flock and sell anointing water to them", he quipped.

In an interview with Graphic Online on his views on Easter and how it should be celebrated, the celebrated man of God noted that the church in recent times has become a "cash and carry" system where Christians have to pay their way through before being served or catered for by supposed men of  God.

But according to him, such deeds are a shame and cautioned Ghanaians to be wary of such pastor's. 

Evangelist Vidzro admonished Christians to celebrate the Easter in moderation and eschew all negative tendencies. 

He admonished the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to foment trouble during the election but to live well for the glory of God.

The man of God stated that Easter was a time for reflection and getting closer to Christ and that it's true purpose must be realised among Christians. 

He challenged true men of God to come out and expose the fake ones and tasked Christians to look out for such false prophets.