NDC Will Win 95% Votes In The Zongo Communities

Ghana’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), Alhaji Said Sinare says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will  win the general elections in November with 95% votes in the Zongo Communities  as a result of the various development projects been carried out by the government. 

He was speaking at the joint rally organized by the Zongo for NDC and the I CHOOSE JM movement at the Nima Market in Accra. I CHOOSE JM is a Pro NDC group which seeks to canvass votes for the party to enable them win both the presidential and Parliamentary elections in November.

According to him, “since 1992, the party has won all the polling station in the Zongo Communities due to continues improvement in the standard of living of the Zongo people.” We have always had the votes we wanted. In 2012, we did it and in 2016 we are going to win it again

He called on members of the party to disregard claims by the opposition NPP to establish the Zongo Development fund noting that some of these utterances are only political.  He said “When NPP talk about development fund for the Zongo Community. What are they talking about? Haven’t we develop the Zongo Community? Its a political talk, look around all the Zongo communities look at the development projects going on all over the country ,not only in one region, all the ten regions.  in terms of road projects , You name them It is unprecedented, His Excellency the President is going to get about 95% votes in all the Zongo Communities, and win the general elections”.

 Alhaji Sinare asked the electorates to appreciate all the various economic interventions the NDC government has initiated to solve the challenges confronting the nation particularly youths unemployment even though it is a global phenomenon “His Excellency the President has provided a lot of jobs for people and he will continue. There are hardships everywhere, if you go to USA and London there are challenges there as well. It is not easy anywhere. If you should give 10,000 jobs to people, 20,000 more will come but the president is working hard to resolve some of these challenges he emphasized.

The Organiser of the I CHOOSE JM Movement, Mr. Cephas Boyou explained the significance of the group.” Our main objective as a movement is to galvanise enough votes for the party at the grassroots level since elections are won from the ground .To also encourage the youths in the various communities to vote massively for the NDC government come November. Usually the Party executives start the campaign but this time we have started and would ensure we appeal to the electorates on the ground to arouse their support before the executives pick it up.

He highlighted some achievement by the NDC government in the various sectors of the economy which has helped transform the lives of Ghanaians for which reason the party needed to be voted for.  “His Excellency President John Mahama has done enough to warrant another term, look at the number of road networks, the Ridge hospital, in the area of education, improvement in School infrastructure, provision of Social amenities etc. There is no way such a person should be changed”, he stressed.

The Chairman of NDC Ayawaso East Constituency, Mr. Olabode Williams in his address urged members to vote and retain the party in power to enable the government continue with the various development projects it has started.

The rally brought together constituency executives and sympathizers from various constituencies in the Greater Accra Region.