RTP Awards 2015 Ultimate Winners' Dubai Trip In Limbo

A number of Ghanaian radio and television personalities in the industry were honored last year on Saturday 10th October 2015 at the Accra International Conference Centre by Big Events Ghana, organizers of the annual Radio and Television (RTP) awards.

Prior to the 2015 edition of the Radio and Television awards, organizers made a promise that three ultimate winners of the 2015 edition would be taken to Dubai for holidays. Flex newspaper in an exclusive interview with the Public Relations Officer of the awards scheme, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo last Thursday 10th March 2016, with reference to the promise of taking three ultimate winners of last year’s RTP awards to Dubai to spend some holidays, has said:

“Yes, it is true such message was put across. The trip to Dubai, courtesy Flight Center Company, a Travel & Tour Agency – is still on course. The company has been in constant communication with the Organizers and the respective winners: Bola Ray, Kwame Adinkra & Patrice Amegashie on the timing, visa acquisition and general arrangements for the trip.”

When asked how soon the arrangement will be done and the schedule date for the trip, Arnold said “The trip should be finalized before the commencement of activities for the 2016 RTP Awards.” He added that the date for this year’s edition will be communicated to the general public soon. Knowing if the winners are disappointed or not, even though they have been updated, Arnold Asamoah – Baidoo said:

“The winners are experienced with travel matters: they know how it goes, especially when the idea to ensure that the three go as a group. You need to ensure the timing is appropriate for all of them. That is why the organizers linked them up to the sponsors so they would know proceedings. That is exactly what is going on as far as I know, I don’t think they are disappointed,” he added.

When asked if the organizers would admit if they’ve failed since they didn’t fulfill their promise on time, Arnold said, the organizers did not put out a timeline on the trip.

“The communication was that, the three winners will go on a trip to Dubai. It did not state a timeline, so where from the failure? One can actually raise issues of failure when activities of the next edition are rolled up and promises of the previous edition are not fulfilled. That is the only time, one can mention failure,” he explained.