Education In Chereponi In �Danger . . .Supervisors Stranded

Monitoring and supervision of teachers’ daily activities in Chereponi in the Northern Region has been abandoned due to lack of funds.

The district Education Director has noted that, monitoring and supervision has come to a standstill in the district due to lack of funds and GIPC administrators.

“If teachers are not occasionally trained they will never build their capacity. From January to March 2015, the fund was GHc599 which cannot even fill my tank. How do I move around to monitor the teachers?” he questioned. 

Adding that – “The circuit supervisors according to him are using – “their own motors they borrowed money from the bank to buy, how can I forced them to use their small salaries to fuel it to the field. These circuit supervisors are using their little salaries for their loan payments, with this, monitoring will come to zero.”

The District Director also warned that, he shouldn’t be held responsible if students fail their exams in the district because several attempts to get funds from government have been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the District Chief Executive, Hajia Nakobu has promised to resolve issues so the teachers will return to the classrooms - "Apparently the situation has come to my notice and as a mother for all, education is in my core. I will see to it in a shortest possible time."