Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Products

Whoopi Goldberg wants to solve menstrual woes with marijuana.

Goldberg, who in the past has referred to her relationship with her kush-filled vape pen as a “love story,” on Wednesday announced she’d be launching a line of weed-infused products designed specifically for women.

The long-time weed advocate has teamed up with Maya Elisabeth - founder of Om Edibles, which has won several awards since its debut in 2008 - to create the company, “Whoopi & Maya.”

Products include Soak, an Epsom salt available in three scents; Savor, a sipping chocolate available in several sizes; and Rub, a topical oil with a beeswax base . The line also boasts Relax, a THC-infused tincture which supposedly mirrors a similar method used by Queen Victoria of England to relieve her menstrual cramps.