NDC Youth Threaten To Beat 46 Assemblymen For Voting Against Mahama’s Boy

The District Assembly Hall of Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa, Tuesday, nearly turned into a kick-boxing arena when supporters of Albert Nkoom, nominee DCE for the area, threatened to beat up all Assembly members who participated in the first round of voting to confirm his candidature.

The sin of the 46 Assembly members was their failure to ensure that nominee DCE got the required two-thirds votes for his confirmation after allegedly taking GH₵2,000.00 from President Mahama’s boy.

Kasapa FM reports that the aggrieved youth were so bitter about the non-confirmation of nominee DCE, hence, the provocation to go after the Assembly members.

25 Members, according to Baah-Acheamfour, voted for Mr. Nkoom while 21 voted against his candidature.

That means the nominee DCE failed to amass the required two-thirds number for his confirmation.

Baah-Acheamfour further reports that the youth incensed by the outcome of the polls initially targeted the 21 members who voted against Mr. Nkoom but had a tough time identifying them.

“They were in a fix as to who voted against the nominee DCE. After unsuccessful attempts to identity the dissenting voters, the supporters then decided to beat all of them. They kept them at bay to refund the GH₵2,000.00 each allegedly took before allowing them to go home but the timely intervention of some non-Assembly members saved the situation”, reports our correspondent.

The angry mob, Baah-Acheamfour added, have been moving from house to house of individual Assembly members to claim the money they allegedly took from Mr. Nkoom.