Man Fined By Chief For Defiling Niece

A 40-year-old man, Yaw Kwakye, has been slapped with a fine of GH¢2,000 by the Chief of Anaimo Ate, in the Amenfi East District of the Western region for sexually exploiting his 17-year-old niece.

The judgment was delivered on Thursday, by a jury made up of the chief and elders.

Kwakye was found guilty of committing incest for close to a year.

He was asked to provide GH¢2, 000, a full grown sheep, one crate of soft drinks, one bottle of club beer and a bottle of exotic Schnapps.

As demanded by Anaimo Ate tradition Kwakye would sprinkle the blood of the sheep on the principal streets of Anaimo Ate as purification rites.

It is believed that the rites would appease the gods to avert any punishment that might befall the town due to the actions of Kwakye.

In an interview with Atinkaonline, Okyeame Anim said Kwakye’s offence was grave and that if punitive measures were not taken, the wrath of the gods would be unleashed on the village.

Okyeame Anim also disclosed that the initial fine included two sheep and three crates of beer, but the culprit showed remorse and so the jury decided to be lenient with him.