Harness the Ideas and Legacies of Nkrumah-Rev Dr. Ayeebo

Rev Dr. Jacob Kofi Ayeebo, a member of the Council of State, has proposed a comprehensive plan of action to harness the legacies and ideas of late President Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah into the country’s development agenda. He said the ideas of Dr Nkrumah were still relevant to the political, social and development needs of the country and that all unfinished projects and programmes should be revisited and those that needed immediate attention tackled. Rev Dr. Ayeebo, who spoke in an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Friday, called for proper documentation of the activities of Ghana’s first President at national and regional levels to be placed in museums and archives to serve as reference points for research and tourism. He said Dr. Nkrumah was not only an icon for Ghana but also represented Africa and the black race whose understanding of the system of governance was unique. Rev Dr. Ayeebo commended President John Atta Mills for the bold initiative to celebrate Dr. Nkrumah’s centenary birthday and urged government to continue with other programmes geared towards making the vision and ideas of Dr. Nkrumah relevant to the current democratic dispensation. He said Dr. Nkrumah appreciated the need to develop the three northern regions to bridge the development gap between southern Ghana and northern Ghana.