BNI Detains Nana Addo's Bodyguard & Photographer

The personal photographer and bodyguard of the 2016 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party were this evening detained by the Bureau of National Investigations for complying with the orders of their lawyers not to sign “Personality Profile” forms presented to them by officers of the BNI.

The pair, Kwadwo Kyeremeh and Malik Neequaye, had accompanied Captain Koda, head of Nana Akufo-Addo’s security detail, this afternoon to the offices of the BNI, where items taken from the residence of Captain Koda were to be returned to him. Indeed, at the time the items were taken from Captain Koda’s residence, the two gentlemen served as witnesses. 

However, some 2 weeks ago, the BNI indicated to Captain Koda that the items taken from his residence were to be returned to him, on condition that he brought along the two witnesses who were present when the items were taken. 

Upon arrival at the BNI office, the two were asked to fill out “Personality Profile” forms – forms reserved for suspects – after which the items will be released. The two indicated to the BNI officers that they would have to consult their lawyers since they were only present, merely, to witness the return of items taken by the BNI.

After consultation with their lawyer, Nana Asante Bediatuo, they were advised not to fill out the “Personality Profile” forms, but should only ‘witness’, through the provision of their names and signature, on the document containing the list of the items that were to be returned.

Kwadwo Kyeremeh and Malik Neequaye, returning to the offices of the BNI this afternoon, together with Captain Koda, told the officers of the BNI the advice of their lawyers, which was explicitly not to fill the “Personality Profile” forms. 

The BNI officials, acting on “orders from above”, then detained the two gentlemen for their refusal to fill the forms and proceeded to ask Captain Koda to leave the offices of the BNI.