EC Behaving Like ‘Sakawa Boys’ - IMANI

President of Policy Think Tank, Imani Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has described the latest explanation by the Electoral Commission of Ghana concerning the alleged new logo as “lies” and likened them to ‘Sakawa boys’.

Speaking on 3fm’s Sunrise, he said the EC is engaging in childs play adding that “ know when authorities speak with such brazenness and lies, it just gets irritating. You would have thought that only Sakawa boys lie to people in order to make money I mean what kind of life is this?”

According to Mr. Cudjoe, although he is not surprised he could not come to terms with the fact that the Electoral Commission, an institution that is fraught with issues of financing could be thinking about designing a logo at the expense of the challenging task ahead.

He was speaking on the issue of the controversial new logo yet to be launch by the EC to replace an existing one which has been described by many as befitting for the commission.

He said “I am not surprised at all I mean its child’s play ...this is an institution that is beleaguered in term of financing. Coming up with a budget for election which is quite higher than notorious Nigeria and to think that you are in the process of displaying whatever, outdooring logo ….I will not be surprised if finally someone comes and say well it’s our logo …”