NDC Has No Time To ‘Assassinate’ Nana Konadu – Kofi Adams

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has rubbished an allegation by the National Democratic Party (NDP) that government wants to assassinate former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings.

The NDC was founded by President Jerry John Rawlings but his wife has broken away to form a new party, the NDP.

Director of Operations of the NDP, Joseph Bediako alleged at a recent press conference that the ruling NDC has planned to assassinate the former first lady. According to Joseph Bediako, the former first lady has been trailed on several occasions by two men bearing lethal weapons.

He said their behavior betrayed their intention which he said was to get the former first lady killed. Mr. Bediako said the first man came to the residence of the former first lady asking to see her because he has a “special message to be delivered to her”.

He said after several questions from the security detail of Mrs. Rawlings, the man said he had been sent from the echelons of power. He was later walked out of the house.

The second incident also took place after another gentleman by name Roger entered the Rawlingses’ residence saying he wanted to congratulate the former first lady because he heard she had been appointed the Vice-President of Ghana. What the gentleman said got them baffled because nothing of that had happened.

Mr. Bediako said some of the security officials of Mrs. Rawlings saw the man dropping his gun into his car, a VW car with no number plates, when he left the residence.

The ruling party has however dismissed the allegations of an attempt to murder Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. 

National Organizer of the NDC, Kofi Adams, told Adom News in an interview that the claims were "unfounded" and "baseless." “I don’t want to waste my time on a venture that is not…why would we want to kill her, for what cause in the first place…?” he queried.

Kofi Adams further described the NDP director as part of persons with time to ‘talk anyhow.’

“…the NDC is not interested in wasting its time on people who have time to talk anyhow, we have many things to do” Adams declared.