Throw New EC Logo Away; It's A Useless Expenditure Kwesi Pratt

The Editor of the Insight newspaper, Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr has descended on the Electoral Commission describing the decision to go for a new logo as a “useless expenditure”.

I don’t understand it, It is a useless expenditure which would not bring any changes to the upcoming elections, Mr Pratt said during Friday morning’s radio discussions on Peace FM. According to him, it was confusing that the EC chose to ignore other “big issues” confronting it with regards to the upcoming elections and rather settled on a logo change.

He said the EC should note that it was not just about changing logos but their stock of stationery needs to be changed, letterheads, invoices, receipts, rebranding of vehicles, regional and district offices and many other things which was costly and needless to go on that venture especially at this point.

He advised the EC to consider the public anger at the introduction of the new logo and desist from going ahead with it since according to him the move would not bring any changes to “our elections”.

Mr Pratt said previous governments changed names of institutions which did not bring about change in any way and referred to the change in name of secondary schools to senior high schools which according to him did not bring any benefits except needless cost.

He said the old logo of the commission has something authentically Ghanaian and represents the soul of the country unlike this new one which he said “should be thrown away.”

Mr Pratt said he disagreed with President Mahama who recently said the EC’s logo was not an issue to be discussed.