Poultry farmers attend seminar on veterinary diseases

Dr Frederica Lizz Hayford, Principal Veterinary Inspection Officer of the Ghana Veterinary Services, on Friday advised poultry farmers not to site their farms near rivers and other water bodies to protect their products from diseases spread by wild migratory birds. She said ideally poultry farms should be situated at isolated areas where the birds would not come into contact with animals and airborne diseases. Dr Hayford was speaking at a day’s seminar for poultry farmers in Sekondi- Takoradi, organised by the Ghana Agro Foods Company (GAFCO) Limited. She urged poultry farmers to store poultry feed on wooden panels instead of leaving them bare on the floor. They should also ensure that there is good ventilation in the places where the feed are kept to prevent micro organism infections. Dr Hayford said the farmers should also ensure that the places where the birds and feed were kept were regularly and properly cleaned to maintain good sanitary conditions. Mr Lawrence Obeng, National Sales Co-ordinator of GAFCO, said the company organised the seminar to educate and assist poultry farmers to improve their productivity.