Bringing Odoi Mensah´┐Żs Body to Ghana Is Senseless

Micheal Kwaku Ola, Public Relations Officer of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has said he sees no sense in spending huge sum of money to convey the body of former Actors' Guild President, Odoi Mensah to Ghana.

Nii Odoi Mensah kicked the bucket while he was undergoing kidney treatment in China after doctors had declared his two kidneys as incapable of functioning to keep him alive.

Remains of the late veteran Actor and former Ghana Actors' Guild President Nii Odoi Mensah cannot be flown to Ghana for burial if his family is not able to raise a total of $68,000.

Speaking on Happy FM’s ‘Showbiz Extra’ Saturday, Ola said Nii Odoi Mensah needed $26,000 for treatment but was unable to raise the said amount.

“It’s going to cost $68,000 which is almost triple the amount he needed to survive to bring the body back to Ghana, this is senseless,” he added.