Police To Impose Security Detail On Flagbearers

The police administration is losing patience with flag bearers of political parties and running mates over the delay in choosing their security detail ahead of the 2016 elections.

The administration warns it would have no choice but to impose the security detail on the flag bearers who have so far failed to take advantage of the security arrangement being offered.

The police, as part of arrangements towards organizing a peaceful, incident free election, have decided to provide security to political party flag bearers and their running mates.

At a meeting with political party representatives, the police suggested that the political parties were free to choose from the army of police personnel who they could trust to protect them.

Several weeks after that meeting the political parties have failed to take advantage of the offer.

Only recently, three retired South African police men were brought into the country by the NPP ostensibly to train personal body guards for the opposition leader.

This may perhaps have gotten the police disappointed because the NPP together with the other opposition political parties have failed to take advantage of the police offer.

At an IEA Forum in Accra, Wednesday,  the police did not fail to criticize the political parties for their indecision.

Director of Operations of the police Dr Benjamin Agbodzor was shocked the political parties have failed to take advantage of the policy.

He said in 2012, the same policy was applied, only that it came later in October.

Dr Agbozo said the IGP has decided that the policy will be implemented earlier than usual and has given the political parties at the end of May to choose or the police will impose personnel on them.

Reacting to the threat by the Police Director, the Campaign manager of the NPP, Peter Mac Manu told Joy News the party is still considering the offer will respond by end of May.

There are fears any choice by the political parties will lead to the labeling of the chosen personnel either as an affiliate of the NPP, CPP or any of the other parties.

Peter Mac Manu shared similar concerns but said the party will still have to choose a personnel it trust to protect its flagbearer.

Atiq Mohammed of the PNC commended the IGP for the innovation and added the party will soon take a decision on the party.