Even An Ordinary Person Will Not Believe This Is EC's Logo - CODEO

The National Coordinator for Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), Mr. Albert Arhin says the Electoral Commission’s new logo has nothing to do with elections.

“The logo to be frank has nothing in it associated with election structures, neither do I see any symbol relating to elections in the logo. Even an ordinary person who knows nothing about elections would find it very difficult to believe this logo stands for an electioneering structure. I don’t know the amount of explanation I need to believe this rebranding logo fits its purpose, but we just have to adjust to it since the EC has already taken the decision on our behalf.”

In an interview on OKAY FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ morning show he noted that, “I think what pushed Charlotte Osei to change the EC logo was to raise the bar towards election concerns, but has turned out to be the opposite of what she planned.”

The disagreements and misinformation between officials of the EC concerning the rebranding to the public when the saga broke up is the main reason why most citizens have lost hope in the commission.

According to him, measures and procedures put in place by the EC for the upcoming elections are not the best, especially with the kind of unnecessary issues that the commission is concerned with and its allocated time of taking up relevant exercises needed before 7th November.

“There are a lot of issues more pressing and important for the EC to be concerned with than rebranding of its logo,” he said angrily.

He added that the EC could have rebranded its logo after this year’s election, as they focus all their attention now on preparations towards the impending elections.