Desist From Using Abusive Language - NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has called on radio and television stations to desist from allowing panelists and politicians to use abusive language on their platforms.

The NCCE said allowing panelists to denigrate others would not create a healthy environment especially at the time the country is feverishly preparing for the November 7 elections.

Mr Stephen Heymann, NCCE Officer in charge of the Ablekuma South-West Sub-Metro, said this at a forum organized by Youngsters Peer Education Project (YEEP) in collaboration with Foundation for Sustainable Development in Africa-Ghana.

The programme forms part of efforts to promote peaceful elections in November 7, 2016 and train peace ambassadors in the Ablekuma South-West Constituencies before the elections.

Speaking on: “Causes, Consequences and Solutions to Electoral Conflicts,” Mr Heymann said causes of electoral conflicts could be attributed to operational and administrative lapses as well as the action or inaction by political actors, media, security and the electorates on emerging concerns.

He said some of these causes could be perceptions, suspicious, infractions and misdemeanors of citizens belonging to the different political orientations and parties in the country.

He said the competitiveness and anxiety generated during political campaigns could encourage party some supporters and sympathizers to engage in unacceptable acts.

He said it is the duty of all political parties to ensure that the rules governing the political discourse and the electoral process are strictly followed.

Mr Robert Laryea, the YEEP Executive Director, called on the youth to be vigilant during the election process and desist from all acts of violence.

He said nobody should be induced to engage in acts of violence adding that culprits would suffer the consequences irrespective of their party affiliations.