EC Logo Saga: NPP Wants To Compromise Nov. Polls - Yammin

Former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Joseph Yammin has predicted a second place finish for Nana Addo and the New Patriotic Party in this year’s elections.

He made the prediction on OFM at Obuasi on Thursday when he took his monitoring of the limited voters' registration exercise to Adansi Akrofuom.

He says “It is a known fact to the NPP that the best they could do in this year’s election is to be placed second to the eventual winner, John Mahama.”

He states that the ruling National Democratic Congress is not bothered by “what the NPP puts in the media.” The important thing to the NDC, according to Mr. Yammin, is what “the people who are being given schools, hospitals, safe water, electricity and roads are saying, and we are much confident that it will be transforming into votes when the results start coming out”.

Yammin wondered why the NPP would waste all their energies talking about the new EC logo when, indeed, it plays no role in who wins the elections.

The Deputy National NADMO Coordinator also stated that he suspect the NPP has plans to compromise the elections with some documents they could no more use due to the EC’s logo change; a situation he believes is the cause of the NPP’s incessant attacks on the EC for the decision to change its logo; since the change of logo will affect all the EC’s documents.

“I am beginning to suspect the NPP had some plans with the old materials that are being changed because, the change in logo will affect every document of the EC and so if anyone has in its possession the old documents for any reason, they couldn’t use them in the elections. To me, this should have been applauded by all parties including the NPP but on the contrary, they are opposing it as if it was going to affect the electioneering process,” he said.