Organising Games To ‘Kill’ Tribalism

The Jamiat Alhadayyat Al-Islamiat, an Islamic organization based in the Upper West Region has called for the reintroduction of the Upper West Games, which served as a key platform towards the unification of the various tribes in the area in the colonial era. Alhaji Issah Yussif, Vice-Chairman of the organization said the Games apart from forging tribal equality which was fundamental for peaceful coexistence would also be a forum of promoting discipline among the youth of the area. The organization made the call at a launch of a campaign aimed at kicking out tribalism practices from the Region at Wa, the Regional capital. Alhaji Yussif therefore called on the Regional House of Chiefs, Municipal and District Assemblies as well as Members of Parliament from the area to set aside some of some funds towards the re-introduction of the Games to bring the people together. Quoting extensively from the Holy Koran, the Vice Chairman noted that certain widely held sanctities were the major factors that promoted tribalism in the Region which must therefore be eradicated in order to create a fair and just society. Alhaji Yussif observed that political appointments were not spared such tribal considerations since various tribal groups were often seen and heard calling on who ever was in charge to appoint their kinsmen to positions of importance in order to enjoy certain favours. During an open forum, most of the participants called on the organization to carry across the campaign to the campuses of educational institutions in the Region where tribalism was rife.