Politics, Greed Stalling National ID System Nduom

Politics and greed on the part of some public officials who want to benefit from inflated contracts, have prevented the implementation of the national identification system, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom has said.

The founder of the Progressive People’s Party added that such a system is key to ensuring discipline in the national life of Ghanaians in many respects.

“Building sound credit databases, criminal justice systems, need unique national identification numbers for effective and credible use. Our roads will be safer as bad drivers will not be able to throw away one driver's license and get another. The same with passports, loans, etc. When a national identification is used for banking, it can also help the state catch those who avoid paying taxes,” Dr Nduom posted on Facebook.

“So, what stops us from getting this done? Why has this system stalled in implementation since 2008? Why no sense of urgency,” he asked

The 2012 presidential aspirant said he believed it is only the use of the national identification database that can lead Ghana to a credible voters' register and make it possible for the continuous registration of voters.

“Indeed the exercise going on now, the limited registration of voters and methods being used point to poverty of ideas and the clinging to mediocrity. If we want to, as a nation, we can complete a national identification based voters' register in four months. But who am I to say this,” he bemoaned, adding that: “We can do better than this. If we use our God-given talents well and stop foolish politics, paradise will be ours in Ghana”.