Ridge Hospital Cries For Support

Besides prolonged challenges facing health professionals in terms of facilities at the Ridge Hospital, it has been revealed the hospital’s sanitary facilities at major departments and wards are in deplorable state and in need of urgent renovation. In an effort to offer support to the hospital, the management of Benedict Sanitation and Development Trust Fund (BSDTF) has begun raising funds to undertake a rehabilitation project there. Speaking at the fund raiser, The Chief Executive Officer of BSDTF, Charles Owusu lamented over unsanitary conditions in schools, communities and health facilities adding “there is a reasonable understanding of the effects of poor sanitation in communities but there is lack of realistic and workable awareness to sustain sanitation systems. This is why solutions to sanitation issues are ranked low in people’s minds.” According to him, a nation’s health and security can contribute immensely to the global human resource base, saying the quality of an individual’s life and ability to contribute to the nation’s economic development is highly essential. He observed that it would be unpardonable if in this 21st century; people still die of preventable and curable diseases. Mr. Owusu indicated deaths recorded from mosquito bites and through childbirth could be prevented if all hands were on deck. Furthermore, he noted the deplorable nature of the infirmary’s washroom facilities in the wards and other units needed immediate renovation. According to him, excessive pressure mounted on the sanitary facilities had rendered them unhygienic and could subsequently lead to a disease outbreak at the hospital. He therefore called on civil society, interest groups and individuals to help curb the problem. The Chairman of the occasion, Nana Prah Agyensaim VI observed it takes lifestyle changes to bring about cleanliness. He urged all Ghanaians, especially the youth to let hygiene become part of their daily routine with focus on the environment. This, Nana Agyensaim noted not only reflects “your lifestyle, it reflects what you stand for in society.” GH¢1,900 was realized during the fund raising segment.