Tinny Denies Nkrumah

The creme de la crème of Ghana’s music fraternity one after the other mounted the stage at the Independence Square last Sunday, as part of activities marking the centenary celebration of Ghana’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Though these musicians are believed to have performed in honour of Dr. Nkrumah, indications are that some had personal reasons for being on the show. BEATWAVES can divulge that Nii Addo Quanor, otherwise known as Tinny, was one of such performers. Tinny’s manager, Richard Agyemang Berko, told BEATWAVES in exclusive interview that his artiste did not take the stage solely to perform in honour of the Dr. Nkrumah. “I revere Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for what he stands for in the history of Ghana but I persuaded Tinny to do this show not because of Nkrumah”, Mr. Berko disclosed. He said he saw the show as an opportunity for Tinny to make an impact on the audience in attendance, since they would otherwise not have a chance to see him in concert. “This is free and Tinny has almost always played and performed for high profile audiences in Ghana. Even before the Nation’s cup in 2008, he was a top biller”, he noted. Richard has been managing Tinny for some years now and has made him a big brand in Ghana’s music industry. He revealed that Accra is Tinny’s major fan base, thus their reason behind subscribing to such a huge platform. He continued saying both him and Tinny saw an opportunity and decided to take it. Currently Tinny has released yet another single titled ‘Abuu Mo Aloo Ruff’, also expected to be a hit. Meanwhile, Cadbury Dairy Milk has signed with Tinny to create its first ever single inspired by Ghanaian music, in celebration of Cadbury Dairy Milk becoming fair-trade certified. Glass and a Half Full Records has collaborated with the Ghanaian music superstar to produce a song, ‘Zingolo’ and a music video. A 60-second preview of the track and video aired on TV3 on the 19th of September. The full single also became available on iTunes from September 18, 2009.