Meet Gari, the hottest dish in Satellites camp

Every now and then there is something that takes the centre stage of one’s life and naturally, it is obvious to assume that when there is a tournament as prestigious as the FIFA U-20 World Cup, the talking point duels on football, but make no conclusions yet because here in Ismailia, Gari rubs shoulders with the globular leather. Trust Gari, a local dish made from cassava to have become the hottest dish in the team’s camp here in Ismailia and in case one owns a dish of Gari, if or she could indirectly be worshiped at the plush Mercure Hotel where variety in dishes is only a wish and one struggles to pour into the tummy dishes in a challenging manner. Gari has gone AWOL out in Ismailia and those who still possess a little quantity have understandably lost their benevolent spirit because the next time one runs out of stock, he might not know who to turn to. When the evening falls, the thought of just one trying to squeeze out from reluctant benevolent “friends” to have a Gari and shito meal is enough to spark the smiling camp. Ever thought Gari was only popular with the “down trodding”?, then the question need to be asked of the players, officials and journalists here in Egypt as to what Gari means to them presently and not a second thought will be given to an obvious answer for the starchy dish that has just become the favourite of all. To Ghanaians out in Egypt, a kenkey party will be the holy grill and whoever that would do the camp such a favour could be “loved’ forever and perpetually remain in the good books for the rest of the stay here and any other time where circumstances like that is repeated. The clarion call therefore is that one should just attempt making the effort of sending down balls of kenkey and Gari on the next available flight to Egypt and see if a player might just not risk a yellow card and write your name on an underwear and go the length to score a goal and showcase what he has beneath as a thank you gesture. Take the chance and watch a journalist give you a mention during commentary and updates to acknowledge your giving spirit to “starving” friends who are out there to do a football craze nation an honour. Obviously, one is tired of the routine rice, fanny sauce and half done chicken and beef stew and today Gari and kenkey will come in handy but try sending down the powdered fufu, banku, TZ and others and see if a single soul will complain about the often artificiality tag that comes with them back at home. The next time you disregard Gari, just know you will be lucky to escape a “thrash” if that is done in the Satellites camp here in Ismailia, Egypt as they savour the atmosphere with high expectations but without their normal favourite national dishes.