Mirror Ballers To Ride Out Of May On “Polo Play”!

The traditional ban on drumming together with the uncharacteristic heat and the vulgar reappearance of dumsor has made May a dull month by many standards.  Having said that the fifth month sneaked away secretly like a trotro driver who pretended not to hear the “Stop” yelled by the men in blue.

There is no need to look far if you would like to reward yourself with a memorable experience when it comes to diving into the nostalgia of the yesteryears with music that will set your memory grooving.   

Only the Mirror Ball can deliver that premium ambience you can call world class and the SOHO bar & restaurant is aptly the right setting for a month end get down as is tradition every last Friday.  Fast approaching its fifth Anniversary in September the iconic event will welcome its supreme clientele to the finest party in Ghana with DJ Blow charting the way on the rhythmic ride.

This Friday “Polo Play” returns with its simple yet universal appeal and a very respectable crowd of old school music aficionados will wear off a few millimeters from the bottoms of their heels or soles as they step by step retrace their way to reenter those sacred places in our minds when there were no pen drives , Blackberries or blue teeth. 

SONY, TDK, Maxell or BASF cassettes were rewound with a Bic pen or Biro as we called them back then and a two cedi note could help you create your next generation.

As quickly as a Formula One lap is completed, Mumm Champagne is now a household name with all Mirror Ballers and their extensive networks and the bubbly relationship continues this Friday with a special yet “Brut” welcome for five star hospitality sake.  You can come with your polo top snug fitting or baggy depending on your physique

The Mirror Ball is brought to you by Tag Team and SOHO restaurant. It is sponsored by Mumm Champagne and supported by Starr 103.5fm.