Noble Nketia Explains His Absence From Music Scene

Gospel musicians Noble Nketia has disclosed reasons why he has not been active in music scene for some time now.

In an exclusive interview with Noble Nketia, he sited several reasons that has kept him from active music but these two come on top, that is his social responsibility project (1000 kids off the street) and the cost of publicity.

According to Noble Nketia "1000 kids of the streets" project has taken much of his time and for that matter his creating music and publicizing it has really become a difficult task

Finding from the Noble Nketia mobile app shows that 1000-Kids-Off-The-Street‟ was set up to remove as many street children, as possible, out of the streets. The project sought to support street children who do not have responsible guardians. It has so far been able to remove quite a number of street children out of the streets and giving them a better life.

The project adopted Children‟s Home of Hope at Asebu, 3km from Nyamoransa Junction, off Assin Fosu, in the Central region of Ghana. In November 2014, the second phase of his SR project will be launched. This time, it is called SAVE-THE-CHILD (first 1,000 Days of the Child) CAMPAIGN.

It is activated in partnership with The Hunger Alliance of Ghana, a member of the Ghana Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Scaling up Nutrition (GHACCSSUN). The 1,000 Days Campaign promotes targeted action and investment to improve nutrition for mothers and children in the 1,000 days between a woman's pregnancy and her child's 2nd birthday when better nutrition can have a life-changing impact on a child's future and help break the cycle of poverty.

The "Se Mete Ase Yi" hit maker  also revealed that much has not been heard from him due the cost in publicity lately. Noble Nketia has played a significant role in shaping gospel music in Ghana.