#iChooseJM Hails The National Campaign Team

We are excited at the list of astute ladies and gentlemen that the President, H.E. John Dramani Mahama and the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have announced this week. 

As organisers of a youth campaign that is inspiring and attracting many people in our communities to declare support for the President, our work has further been boosted by the announcement of these mixture of brilliant, competent and astute people to form the Campaign Team. 

We are in no doubt that the Chairman of the Campaign Team, Mr. Asiedu Nketsia, who has a track record of a true campaign general will once again help direct majority of Ghanaians to CHOOSE JM. General did in 2008, 2012 and we are confident that He can do it in 2016.

Again, it came as joy to us when it was announced that an experienced and dynamic youth leader like Mr. Kofi Adams has been appointed as the Campaign Coordinator. Mr. Adam's use of modern tools for mobilizing support and speaking to the minds of the Ghanaian populace, is the best approach towards getting majority of Ghanaians to CHOOSE JM,  at the polls. As a cool-headed National Organiser who is tactically micromanaging affairs in the constituencies, we see him as well prepared to help us make the campaign a success. 

Mrs. Joyce Mogtari Bawa busted unto the national political scene with her appointment as a Deputy Minister and from the day of her outdooring, her ability to be in right temperament, appealing disposition when speaking to Ghanaians, is a rare quality which makes her a jewel in our contemporary politics. Her appointment as the Campaign Spokesperson comes as no surprise to us. We encourage Mama Joyce to continue to inspire us and help propagate the thousands of reasons for which Ghanaians must CHOOSE JM on November 7th. 

We further take delight in the appointment of ageless minds of Amb. Dan Abodakpi, Mr Kofi Totobi Quakye, Madam Faustina Nelson, Hon Sherry Ayittey, Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, Alhaji Shamsu Kwakwa and Amb. Daniel Ohene Agyekum. Experience counts here and you all stuffed with so much of such that,  we can see victory ahead of us. 

We further congratulate Hon Theophilus Tetteh Chai on his appointment into the team and in likewise manner expect Mr Samuel Adu Yeboah to bring to bear the quality of organisation we know him for as he assumes the position as Deputy Campaign Coordinator.

We trust in the God-given talents of Hon Felix Kwakye Ofosu and are hopeful that together with Madam Sylvia Osei, the two will provide us with the necessary balancing support as Deputy Campaign Spokespersons.

The Campaign Team would not have been complete without the membership of the Party's Director of Elections, Hon. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo. As a believer in grassroots politics, our dear former National Organiser is the father we need as youth going out of our normal duties to now enter into communities asking the masses to CHOOSE JM. 

When we compare this Campaign Team to that of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), matching the competence of Mr. Peter McManu (an ex Chairman of the NPP who took the party from government into opposition in 2008) to that of General Asiedu Nketsia (who led the NDC from opposition into government in 2008) then we can see victory is coming again for President John Mahama. 

It goes without saying that the NPP Campaign Team, the result of vindictive and divisive politics is a no match for the NDC Campaign Team. 

When we compare the record of NPP Campaign Coordinator, Mr. John Boadu (the 2008 NPP Youth Organiser who led the party youth into opposition) to that of the NDC Campaign Coordinator, Mr. Kofi Adams, (2008 Deputy Youth Organiser who led the NDC youth into government), then we are left with no doubt, that the John Mahama Campaign Team for this year's elections are cruising to a resounding victory. 

A Campaign Team born out of Flagbearer's hate for elected party officials cannot win over a Campaign Team formed by a peaceful leader, with unity of mind and sense of purpose. 

 The victory of NDC is coming again. 

The victory of John Mahama is coming again. 

And the people say,...............

Kudos to you all. 

You are a dream team. 



Francisca Adjei 

Dzifa Gunu 

Cephas Boyuo 

Felix Boafo

Ayisha Alhasan 

Jude Sekley

Yayra Koku Deku 

John Kofi Allouyses