Education Should Teach Students How To Think- Crabbe

Justice V.C.R.A.C Crabbe, a Statute Law Revision Commissioner has noted that true university education should teach students how to think and innovate them in given circumstances.

"It does not, and cannot teach you all you need to know, the tool your education has given you today is the capacity to think," Justice Crabbe said at the16th undergraduate congregation of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) in Accra.

Justice Crabbe who is also the Co-Chair of the Coalition for Domestic Election Observers, advised the graduands to deepen their capacities beyond what they have been taught.

He said more often than not instead of breakthrough thinking that could help solve problems and unleash the potential for major development, people in industry and business resorted to unethical behaviour in some cases, which in the end undermined the country.

"This has been our lost as a country and a people for some time, we need to seize the moment and opportunity to redirect our thoughts towards the vast untapped potential of our people to lead them towards the path that can take this country to the destination it desires.

"Since independence, the Ghanaian has been a leader, a thinker and a scholar who excelled in competition with everyone else the world over," he said.

He blamed the creeping and systematic destruction of quality educational system, within the last 30 years on the politicking of education.

Justice Crabbe asked the graduands to enter the world with their new qualifications ready to meet in honest endeavour the challenges of the country.

"Be the focus of the change that Mother Ghana needs and let your glow light the path for many who wish to see a new Ghana and new people," he advised.

Professor Franklyn Achampong Manu, the Rector of GIMPA, urged the graduands to not make their toil and hardwork be in vain but make it be felt through their output at their various workplaces and future endeavours.

"As I always say, remember where you are coming from and the sacrifices that have brought you this far.

"It is our hope and prayer that you will go forth into the world and put your skills and knowledge to service of mankind,' he said.

Dr Christiana Amoako-Nuama, the Chairman for the GIMPA Governing Council, congratulated the graduands for their tireless efforts and encouraged them to continue to learn to improve their knowledge and skills in order to impact lives as well as the society positively with already acquired knowledge and skills.

Mr Horgli Elolo, who offered Bachelor of Science Hospitality and Tourism Management was adjudged the overall best student.

The 2016 congregation marked the last report of Prof Achampong Manu.