Gov’t Has Shown It Can’t Fix Ghana’s Problems – Casely-Hayford

There is no hope the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) has the ability to resolve the counties power troubles, financial analyst, Sidney Casely Hayford has intimated.

According to him, “So far, the NDC has proven that they can do it so we are not going to bother to do any analysis of their situation.”

Per this, Mr. Hayford has also passed a vote of no confidence in the NDC’s ability to revive Ghana’s economy because fixing the country’s electricity problem is the key to achieving economic turnaround.

According to him, “there is no government that will come into play in Ghana which will actually go and turn the economy around if we don’t fix the electricity problem.”

He noted that opposition New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) proposed lifting of import taxes to boost industry would be good for the economy but solving the power crisis would be a more prudent way of attracting investment.

“The NPP’s proposals which they have been touting for time, that the will lift import taxes on manufactured goods and they will also allow other goods to come in tax free – the whole tax policy that they want to review is – good. But if people come into this country to come and put up assembly plants or if businesses try and come in to be able to become a pivot of the center for West African business, Ghana cannot do it because you can’t keep on turning the lights on and off and expect that people will be able to carry on a business.”

Mr. Hayford thus, asserted that “if you don’t fix the energy problem, if you don’t fix the electricity problem, you are wasting your time.”