EC Sets Up Support Centre For Votersí Register Exhibition

The Electoral Commission has instituted a multi-platform Voter Support Centre that will be opened at the Commission’s Head Office to respond to all exhibition and election related questions and inquiries.

The commission has described the Voter Support Centre as an innovative strategy to enhance communications and engagement with registered voters for free and fair electoral processes.

The exhibition of the voters’ register will begin tomorrow [Monday], and will run till Sunday, August 7. 

The EC in a statement said it has printed and distributed the provisional voters’ register to all its District Offices across the country for deployment.

It has also ensured that 29,000 Biometric Verification Devices (BVD) with backups will be deployed to all polling and exhibition centres.

The commission has already indicated that prospective voters will be required to be verified biometrically during the exercise to help reduce most of the challenges associated with the BVD on the election day in November.