Prayer Warriors Arrest Suspected Phone Thief

Some Christians busily praying on the premises of the Mante Din School at Site 15 in Community One, Tema, surprised some residents of the area when they halted prayers to arrest a suspected mobile phone snatcher.

The prayer warriors were said to be in ‘high spirit’ when they suddenly heard a woman on the same football field screaming for help after her phone was snatched by an unnamed young man believed to be in his mid-20s.

About five prayer warriors were said to have stopped the prayers and gave the suspect a hot chase into the community, where the suspect was arrested with the help of some residents of the area.

The suspect was alleged to have experienced the ‘other side’ of life after he was apprehended as they unleashed their anger on him.

Charles Amos, assembly member for Padmore Electoral Area who confirmed the incident to the DAILY GUIDE, mentioned that the woman who was on her way home at about 1:00 am was accosted by the suspect who took advantage of the dumsor situation in the area and snatched her mobile phone from her.

“People were on the school park praying when they heard the shout of the woman that her mobile phone was taken by the suspect who was already on his heels. The people praying abandoned the prayers and gave the suspect a hot chase into Site 15. After the arrest, people were surprised that prayer warriors could stopped praying and chase a thief,” he narrated.

The suspect ran into an area near the Tema Sports Stadium, but luck however, eluded him as he was caught by one of the members of the prayer warriors who screamed incessantly, attracting the attention of some residents of the area who came out from their rooms.

The assembly member disclosed that the suspect denied stealing the mobile phone, but upon interrogation and repeated assault, the suspect confessed stealing the phone and pulled it out from his underwear.