STATEMENT: 1 Million Voters Verified In 3 Days - EC

Over one million registered voters have so far been verified by the biometric verification devices (BVDs) from all exhibition centres across the country. At the close of the 3rd day of the exercise, the total number of voters verified was One Million and Three Thousand, Eight-Hundred and Twelve (1,003,812).

The 2016 Voters’ Register Exhibition exercise which started on Monday July 18, 2016 is in its 4th day. Reports from all 29,000 centres across the country show apart from the lower than expected response, the exercise is progressing smoothly.

The Commission has deployed adequate personnel and equipment to ensure that all registered voters spend as little time as possible at the various centres to check their details and get their fingerprints verified.

We encourage every registered voter who has not yet done so, to take part in this all important exercise in order to avoid polling-day inconveniences.

We urge the political stakeholders to call on their supporters, sympathisers and their friends and families to go out and get verified.

We also call on the media to use your platforms to encourage all potential voters to visit their polling stations to get verified to vote.

Thank you.



Head of Communications

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