Tinny Poisoned After Okomfo’s Show

Early this year, Blaq Sam was rushed to Tema hospital which made most of his fans went crazy and now Tinny whom many describe as “Oblanta” or the ladies favorite has been admitted in Lister Hospital around Spintex road over this same poisoning issue. Talking to his manager Richard Berko, he revealed to Flex newspaper that before Okomfour Kwadee’s program Tinny was complaining about stomach aches but did never took it so serious until it became life threatening. “If I had not rushed him to the hospital, it would have been a different thing altogether. Because the moment we got to the hospital, the doctor told us its good we have come early” Richard added. When Richard was asked if he has any idea about where he was poisoned, he said he has no idea but he is rather concentrating on how to get him healed and out of the situation. “Now that the competition is becoming very keen, one has to be just careful in other not to fall into troubles. I don’t have any suspicion or whatever it was. Lets see Tinny out of the hospital. I believe that is what matters now” he added. This comes to explain why Tinny was at the national theatre but did not perform on the day. Whiles the show was happening, Tinny was seen in and around the backstage with an usual calm posture as the picture in your shot depicts. This did not come to our notice until we made an attempt to have him in an interview concerning a statement he has made about Kwame Nkrumah which can be considered newsworthy by all standards. We pray that he recovers quickly to answer questions from our end as to why he is making such statements about a man who has been celebrated in Ghana and beyond. Tinny should also not forget that Glo needs him badly. The word or the attempt of poisoning somebody is one that cannot be taken lightly in our society where death is much dreaded. Now in our music industry, can it be that the only means some artistes can use to settle their score is the poisoning thing as many artistes have suffered this same fate over and over again? Somewhere last year, there were lots of rumors rolling in the air that Kwabena Kwabena was poisoned through water intake and was admitted in one of the country’s popular hospitals. This year we have had about two hip life artistes who have also fallen victims to these poisoning thing and by the grace of God they managed to escape it. This has now become a dangerous game which is becoming a trend in the music industry. Should we say it is due to hatred?