Where Is The 'Dumsor' Timetable? Nana Akomea Asks Prez Mahama

The Communications Director of the NPP, Nana Akomea says he is “fed up” with the Mahama-led administration's incompetency to solve Ghana’s frustrating energy crises over the years.

He tagged the president a “lair” for promising to resolve the issue which has now worsened in recent times.

Ghanaians are now irritated with the frequent power fluctuation – the lights goes off for 24 hours and come on for 12 hours. Many are of a view that - that is the return of the infamous load shedding but government has denied.

According to the workers of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), they intend to introduce a new load shedding timetable to enable consumers to plan their activities to efficiently use power, but President John Dramani Mahama has asked the power distribution company not to publish it.

This has caused the former NPP lawmaker, Nana Akomea to question the President of the whereabout of the ‘Dumsor’ timetable which is believed to be in his possession.

“Why can’t government accept the fact the load shedding is back again? So where is the timetable for the load shedding? This government is taking Ghanaians for granted.” He said in an interview on NEAT FM’s morning show 'Ghana Montie'. 

“Ghanaians have been very patient with this government, this wouldn’t happen in some countries. Why can government release the timetable so we plan for it,” he added.