Dzifa Attivor Incurs Voltariansí Wrath

Fresh from her troubles in the Smartyy’s deal which eventually cost her her job, former Minister of Transport, Dzifa Attivor’s inability to lobby her way to get President Mahama launch her radio station over the weekend, despite the hype, and the fact that the President’s name had been used as the man who officially inaugurated her new mass medium has started drawing more fire on her than she could imagine.

The new entrant to the mass medium in the country is Global Frequency Modulation (FM) 105.I, located in the Volta region, and in President Mahama’s stead, the Minister of Interior, Prosper Bani, who was all apologetic on the President’s failure to be at the event inaugurated the Station, which speculations are flying in thick and  fast that it belongs to the former minister who is already dreading jail under an Akufo-Addo’s government and onetime host of Asempa FM’s ‘Eko Si Sen’, the hottest afternoon political talk show, Nana Kwabena Bobie Ansah.

Early signs of anger and disappointment which almost threw the whole event into a fiasco started showing when the Interior Minister was seen on the dais, seated where many thought was supposed to be occupied by the President at the event and intermittently turning his attention to the former minister as though whispering something into her ears.

One emotionally charged executives who could not hide their anger told this paper on the side that “Look, this woman has lost her steam the in the eyes of the President. Otherwise why would you use the man’s name to hype your event and even go ahead to write that he would inaugurate the project and he would not show up?”

Residents who thronged the venue to catch a glimpse of the President left in disappointment when after the event it was all clear that President Mahama was not going to show up to inaugurate the Station as earlier hyped.

It would be recalled that, months after her mysterious resignation from the Transport Ministry, the former minister, in her desperate bid to incite Voltarians against the New Patriotic Party (NPP) stated that party is a tribal party is a tribal burnt on prosecuting only Ewes if it wins the general elections in November.

Referring to the record of the NPP government between 2001 to 2008, Dzifa Attivor argued the NPP targeted only members of her ethnic group for prosecution.

“When they NPP won power in 2001, most ministers who are Ewes were imprisoned, including Serlomey and Abodakpi and a host of other ministers. Does that mean that no individual from any other tribe has faulted in the discharge of their duties?” she said in her native language.

She incited the grassroots that the fate that befell some NDC top guns from the regions still holds true for any Ewe in the current government. The former minister explained that all that stands between her and prison time, is the Volta regional vote.

I want to remind you that it is your vote that will decide if Fifi Kwetey and I will be prosecuted and put behind bars or not, she rallied.

She expressed comfort and confidence in the fact that the Volta region remains the stronghold of the ruling government.

We the people of the Volta region will forever remain loyal to the NDC, Dzifa Attivor said.