Why Ghana Is Still Experiencing 'Dumsor'

The erratic power supply known in the local language as ‘dumsor’ which is currently confronting Ghana boils down to four things:

First – the erratic supply of natural gas from Nigeria;

Second – poor financial position of the Volta River Authority (main generator) to buy Light Crude Oil as alternate fuel source to power the turbines;

Third – Low water levels in the hydro plants – Akosombo, Kpong and Bui Dam; and

Fourth – Poor reliability of Natural Gas from Ghana Gas Company.

Below are some statistics on the available generating plants and the quantum of energy being injected into the power system as at July 25, 2016 at 6:32pm.

Bui – 99.24MW
Tico – 323.46MW
Asogli -0 * no gas from Nigeria
Cenit – 0
Karpower -213MW
Ameri – 229.52MW
Akosombo – 354.54MW
Kpong -74MW
KTPP – 87.94MW
TT1PP- 60.97MW
TT2PP- 0
MRP -0
T3 -0

Experts say although the total installed capacity of our generating plants is around 4000MW, only about 2000MW is available to power the nation to meet the peak demand.