Deputy Minister Designate Hot

A group calling itself Concerned Youth of Nkwanta North District has called on President John Dramani Mahama, to withdraw the nomination of the Deputy Minister designate for Local Government, John Oti Bless, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Nkwanta North, for not being forthcoming with circumstance surrounding his Secondary School education.

The group, at a news conference in Accra yesterday observed that their checks had revealed the MP never completed Nkwanta Secondary School as he claims and thus does not have any certificate to his name but had not been truthful about it.

“The current headmaster, Mr. Kutorb who was then the assistant headmaster has affirmed this when he disclosed that, the Honorable Member has no file in Nkwanta Secondary School”, Kadin Joshua, Vice Chairman of Concern Youth group stated in his address.

In a vetting that was aired live on state broadcaster, GTV, the young unmarried MP, who has fathered two children, fumbled in answering many pertinent questions thrown at him by committee members.

Even the least of questions seeking clarity on his own Curriculum Vitae (CV) presented to the Committee, could not be answered satisfactorily.

During the vetting, the MP was asked whether he had any court case with anybody regarding the authentication and validity of his name, John Oti Kwabena Bless and he responded in the negative, however, the vice chairman of the youth group contended that there exist an impending case between him and the MP at the Nkwanta Magistrate court of which next sitting was date is 4th August 2016.

It was on this basis that Kadin Joshua urged Parliament as well to charge the MP for perjury for lying to the Vetting Committee after swearing an Oath on July 22nd to speak the truth. “This in our view is not just perjury but criminal”, he added.

Since John Oti Bless told the vetting committee to have lost his Secondary school certificate in his struggle to become a military man in the 90’s, the concerned group Vice Chairman sought to know the certificate he used to pursue further education at the University of Ghana in the 2000’s as he claimed.   

Kadin Joshua indicated that the deputy minister designate for Local Government’s failure to do his National Service also disqualifies him for the office he has been appointed to.

“He is our own and we all rallied behind him to get him to parliament. We should be happy he has gotten an appointment as the deputy minister for local government and rural development but we are not”, he stated adding that, his people would be glad to have a someone of good character and had the fear of God in him to lead them and hold such a position.