Montie 3: Judges Included Their Emotions In Judgement Baby Ansabah

Managing Editor of the New Punch Newspaper, Ebenezer Ato Sam popularly known as ‘Baby Ansaba’ has described the charges given the Montie Trio as unmerited.

To him, the judges due to their level of annoyance did not give a fair verdict per the crime committed.

 He said no contemnor has ever been treated in this manner in the history of the country. 

“As a journalist and somebody who writes and speaks a lot on radio and even television, I think the ruling was unprecedented . . .” he said.

However, ‘Baby Ansaba’ as he is known in the media field was also in 1998 jailed for contempt charges.  

“The common ones we have heard are some number of days or a month imprisonment, four months in prison custody with an amount of ten thousand Ghana Cedis is too harsh for me, therefore it makes me believe that the judges incorporated their emotions in delivering the judgment,” he told morning show host, Fiifi Banson on KASAPA FM.